I’m Tony male escort, I’m committed to deliver the best possible service. I consider myself being an Italian gentlemen living in UK since last 9 years, based in Surrey. I’m conscientious and I am constantly learning from the wonderful and amazing people I meet. I pride myself on being a good conversationalist, so if you’re worried about awkward silences, then leave it to me. I’m also a great listener. I am inquisitive by nature, and allured by the unique and the unknown, being a creative mind always exploring alternative options. I love to explore, and as a result, I have discovered some of the most beautiful bars, restaurants and a few hidden gems. Exercising both body and mind ensures that I maintain the stamina for a rich and fruitful lifestyle and that I can continue to add new skills also back massage. You’ll discover that I’m easy-going and I enjoy travelling, as well as meeting new and interesting people from all over the world. I am well-educated, with a love of art, design in general, finance and cryptos, love manners and great conversations. For me, life is all about good times, great people and amazing experiences – mixed with a little adventure. I’m also vegan as per lifestyle, however I rarely explore some cheesy options.

My look:

I am very lean with visible but not excessive muscle mass and definition, with some curves. I have a diamond face type, with defined featured, dark short/medium long hair, with green eyes. I try not to take life too seriously. That said, my warm and fun-loving demeanour in no way compromises my professionalism and I have strict integrity and discretion. I’m considerate and reliable, I live and work by the values of honesty, respect, courtesy and kindness.